About Talent Shack

Talent Shack celebrates the skill outstanding recruiters have for identifying world class talent. We showcase candidates that are motivated to work in a small business environment with a well-articulated growth strategy and a wonderful culture. We are a dedicated team focussed on fostering a community to collectively solve common problems encountered by small business looking to scale.

We believe great people are at the heart of any aspiration.

Talent Shack takes the hassle out of sourcing and attracting high calibre candidates for a small business’ brand. By vetting and curating a candidate pool and echoing your team’s compelling reasons to work with like-minded people, your business will benefit. The quality of each new hire will have positive and incremental impact on your business.

We believe that what you put into life, you get out of it too.

Talent Shack x C2Zero

Talent Shack have teamed up with C2Zero, to take our revolutionary recruitment services beyond neutral. Here’s why

We know the huge impact world-class talent can make to an organisation and that every organisation can make an impact for our world.
That’s why we’ve teamed with C2Zero, who are on a mission to make it harder then ever for big polluters to pollute. They’ve provided us enough emission allowances to not simply take our business carbon neutral, but to get well beyond.
If you don’t know, emissions allowance are like ‘permission slips’ for big polluters. They need this kind of permission to keep polluting on a mind-blowing scale. Instead of using them to pollute, C2Zero locks them (Emissions Allowance) away in a virtual carbon vault – CEDO, where they can never be used by big polluters, ever.

Together with C2Zero, we want you to see the possibility in every person to be something good. This is our contribution to making a difference, we hope it might inspire you to do the same.