How does Talent Shack help you?

Talent Shack is a first of its kind platform, that allows you the business owner to browse best in field candidates, that you otherwise haven’t had access to. We like to think of it, as turning on the floodlights, when before you were searching with a torch.

You deal directly with the Recruitment Agency via the Talent Shack portal to express interest in the candidates that suit your needs. You can arrange an interview and take the steps you need to make a hire.   

When you move forward with a hire, you pay a one off reduced placement fee.

Prequalified Talent

Reduce Hire Time

Spoilt for Choice

Guaranteed Outcome

We're on your team

No business grows without great people. The secret is in finding, attracting and retaining the right people to join you and believe in your business. Traditional methods of recruiting have proved hit and miss for small businesses, so we created a new approach that brings recruitment agencies and small businesses together.

At Talent Shack you will work with best of breed recruiters, who are paying to showcase their talent to you. Talent they thought were stand out, but didn’t have an immediate opportunity for.

Our recruitment partners are motivated by being recognised, rewarded and proud that their efforts make a meaningful difference to small business and great candidates.


How do I sign up?

Simply click on the login button or “search talent” on the title bar. Either of these will take you to the Talent Shack portal where you can create an account by filling in your credentials and selecting your membership type. Please choose Employer account type if you are a small business looking to hire talent.

What does it cost to join Talent Shack?

Initially signing up for Talent Shack is free and unlimited for a period of 3 months. When you create your account you will see the pricing options for continued membership. Membership is separate to the fees associated with hires. Membership gives you access to our network, a suite of tools and content to save you time, engage your employees better and hopefully give you practical advice on how to solve common issues faced by small businesses by those who have done so before. Our aim is to provide you with useful assets and insights that make your life easier.

Can my team also use Talent Shack?

Yes, once your employer account is created, and the employer profile is completed in your “live” account session, you can add more users if you wish to and each of these can use the Talent Shack platform to find their next hire.

How much will a placement cost?

A successful hire will be 8% of the candidates first year salary package which includes all benefits including super/pension contributions. There is no agency guarantee on any hire.

What if I don't make a hire?

That would be disappointing. Talent Shack has a real time feedback mechanism that encourages agencies to continually meet the live demand of our small business customers. We are confident this disappointment will be fleeting. If you don’t make a hire, there is no other costs associated to using the platform other than your (monthly or annual) membership costs.