How does Talent Shack help?

Talent Shack is a first of its kind platform, that creates a new channel for recruitment agencies to place more of their best talent.

We know through our experience, that SME owners and heads of department often shy away from Recruitment Agencies due to prohibitive fees, but often they need the best talent the market has, to take their business to the next level.

We also know that agencies meet and qualify outstanding candidates, without an immediate opportunity. Placing your best candidates gives you the ultimate satisfaction – and Talent Shack is here to create more opportunities for you to do so.

Business Development

Complimentary Revenue Stream

Better Candidate Experience

Increase Brand Awareness

Showcase the Shack

At Talent Shack we focus on career opportunities for great people in small businesses. We understand uncovering these opportunities is not easy. That’s why we bring them to you!

Are you an exceptional recruiter with a great eye for talent and opportunities? Are you the type of person who takes enormous pride in being able to help as many people as you can? Would you love help finding great jobs that are fulfilling as well as rewarding? Are you ever left thinking “If only I had more time in the day to help more people”?

We have thousands of small businesses “shaking the shack” looking for quality candidates that want to work in roles where their voice and their efforts count


How do I sign up?

Simply click on the login button on the title bar. This will take you to the Talent Shack portal where you can create an account by filling in your credentials and selecting your membership type. Please choose Agency account type if you are a recruitment agency.

What does it cost to join Talent Shack?

Initially signing up for Talent Shack is free and unlimited for a period of 3 months. When you create your account you will see the costs for dynamic “candidate slot” packages. This represents the number of candidates your agency can showcase on the Talent Shack platform, at any one time, post the initial free period. We are convinced there are ongoing benefits, but we are biased. You get to have 3 months for free to see the results for yourself.

Can my team also use Talent Shack?

Yes, once your agency account is created, and the agency profile is completed in your “live” account session, you can add more users if you wish to and each of these can use the Talent Shack platform.

What is the fee for a successful placement?

A successful placement will be 8% of the candidates first year salary package which includes all benefits including super/pension contributions. There is no agency guarantee on any hire.

Can a User contact a Candidate directly?

No. The candidate’s privacy is protected by anonymity and each candidate is represented by a recruitment agency. Each candidate should have been met, assessed and reference checked (upon request) before an agency loads them on the platform and certainly before a small business has the opportunity to engage with the candidate/s through the agency.